Medicaid & Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare Options

Coordinated care gives you more control over your health needs.

You may qualify for a plan that integrates your Medicare and Medicaid benefits through a single entity, offers highly rated customer service and care management teams, and provides better health outcomes all with giving you financial peace of mind.

Who is dually eligible?

Adults 21 years of age or older who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid are considered dual-eligible. These individuals might experience significant health or financial risks and require more attention and support to help them independently reach their health goals.

What is a Medicare-Medicaid Coordinated Plan?

The Medicare-Medicaid Coordinated Plan is a program created to manage Medicare benefits as well as most Medicaid benefits, in addition to some supplemental services.

Medicare is the primary payer for people with dual eligibility. Medicaid coverage picks up the costs that Medicare may not cover, such as deductibles and coinsurance. Medicaid might also cover long-term nursing home expenses, personal in-home care and other supportive services not covered by Medicare.

Why Coordinated Care?

Coordinated care combines the coverage of Medicare and Medicaid benefits through a single source, which means your healthcare decisions are based on your specific needs. Altogether, this promotes improvements in your overall health and quality of life.

What plans are available here in Idaho?

Blue Cross of Idaho offers two coordinated care plans to serve dual-eligible individuals.

True Blue Special Needs Plan (HMO SNP)

True Blue Special Needs Plan (HMO SNP)

True Blue Special Needs Plan (HMO SNP) is a plan that combines both Medicare and Medicaid services, all under one coordinated plan. This plan is currently available in 22 counties in Idaho. Learn more about this plan:

2019 Plan Information

Blue Cross Idaho Medicaid Plus

Blue Cross Idaho Medicaid Plus

Blue Cross Idaho Medicaid Plus is a plan that covers Medicaid services (including behavioral health services, nursing facility care and Aged and Disabled Waiver home and community-based services). Your Medicare coverage is separate. This plan launched in Twin Falls County on November 1, 2018. Other Idaho counties will become a part of the plan in 2019. Learn more about this plan.

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